David and Victoria Beckham deny rumors of divorce

David and Victoria Beckham have been in the eye of the storm because of the rumors that were growing about a breakdown in the relationship. Both characters put an end to the rumors.

The cover of the magazine shows Victoria Beckham with her children, but without David’s presence. The curious cover raised the suspicion of his followers. But the edition had an internal cover where David and Victoria appear.

“People have been inventing things about our relationship for 20 years, so David Beckham and I are quite used to ignoring the nonsense and continuing as usual, but these things have a wider effect on the people around us and that is unfair. “, Victoria sentenced.

The couple also talked about how strong their relationship is with the passage of time. “We both realize that we are stronger together, would any of us be in the position we are in now if we had not known each other and been together for so many years? It’s about the family unit,” said David Beckham’s wife.

“When I’m not here, he stays at home, takes the children to school, cooks and helps them with their homework, it’s about working as a team,” says Victoria about her relationship with her husband.

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